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Credit Card

We have chosen to adhere to the security program Secure payment by credit card with the 3D SECURE payment protocol. If your bank also adheres to this security program, you will see a new screen displayed during your payments. This new screen with your bank's logo allows you to enter personal data to validate your payments. You will find all the necessary instructions on this screen: read them carefully!

About 3D SECURE :

This solution, which allows better authentication of the cardholder when making purchases, is not yet generalized on all online sales sites. You will receive a unique code for each payment (depending on the information communicated to your bank either on your mobile, e-mail or landline) not to be confused with the confidential code you use to withdraw money from the bank.

Nous avons choisi d'adhérer au programme de sécurisation Paiement sécurisé par carte bancaire assorti du protocole de paiement 3D  

Bank check

Made out in €uros to the order of the name of the shop. Cheque, on the back of which you will have reported the order number, to be sent to 


121 Chemin de Gounille


All payments are in euros. The processing and delivery times of an order paid by cheque are subject to the cashing of the cheque. Payments by credit card will guarantee a much faster processing and delivery of your order.

Bank check

You will receive our RIB by email immediately after you have placed your order on the site and have chosen to pay by bank transfer. Then you make the transfer to your bank.


Use your PayPal account for a secure payment.