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- Tuber Mélanosporum



No health restrictions currently, we can welcome you to our production site:
for visits to truffle fields, cavage with Tithys, tasting of melanosporum truffles, even out of season and in store for your truffle purchases!


After a particularly dry summer and autumn, the truffle fields are suffering and this lack of water will have consequences on the productio for all parcels not watered.
See you in a few weeks !
The end of the year is approaching !  Think of the end of year gifts for your clients, family and friends.                                              The freeze-dried truffle willbe the idéal product !                                                                                                                                                 High quality concentrate
_ Long shelf life 
_ Easy to use and recipes  provided
_ Volume of truffle per glass can be personalised from 5 units of 7 gr minimum
H The melanosporum seoson opens in a few days

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visit, day, discovery, black gold, black wine
Description for 2 p. The day takes place on two sites:  Truffes Noires de Montcuq & Château de Chambert from 10am to 7pm (Price established for a couple)
Truffle, black, Montcuq, Melanosporum, 500 g, gift box
500 grammes de truffes noires de Montcuq
Elithys, caver, truffle, black, melanosporum
Immerse yourself in the enriching culture of the truffle in the middle of the truffle fields. The explanations are well provided, you will learn the different ...
white, summer, truffle, aestivum, 100g
100 grams of white summer truffles - Tuber Aestivum

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