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» Truffes noires de Montcuq
Truffes noires de Montcuq

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Truffle, black, Montcuq, melanosporum, gift box
 100 Grams Black Truffles from Montcuq
Elithys, caver, truffle, black, melanosporum
Immerse yourself in the enriching culture of the truffle in the middle of the truffle fields. The explanations are well provided, you will learn the different ...
visit, day, open, private, F2, couple
_Formula #2 Couple without children > 5 years Fixed price Couple without children over 6 years, (free for children under 6 years)
Private day from 10am to 5pm.
Cavage, truffle, summer, aestivum, elithys
_Formula #3 FAMILY F3 -Package price for 3 persons. Couple with one child over 6 years old, (free for children under 6 years old)
Cavage, truffle, summer, aestivum, elithys
_Formula #5 FAMILY F5 - Flat rate. Couple with 3 children over 6 years old, (free for children under 6 years old)
visit, day, discovery, black gold, black wine
Description for 2 p. The day takes place on two sites:  Truffes Noires de Montcuq & Château de Chambert from 10am to 7pm (Price established for a couple)
truffle field, flower, spring
Description for 2 people. Guided and commented visit, demonstration of cavage with a dog, picnic basket
Truffle, black, Montcuq, 300 g, gift box
 300 Gramm schwarze Trüffel aus Montcuq 
Truffle, black, Montcuq, Melanosporum, 500 g, gift box
500 grammes de truffes noires de Montcuq